All love is both selfish and selfless, by definition.

Companies are evil.
In the literal sense of the word. They possess no morals nor empathy. They are based on and operate under only one principle: greed.
They do not care about people, about ethics or very often even law. They have and will continue to kill, to injure, to pollute and ruin, as long as they can continue ducking accountability. They are one of the worst kinds of human groups.

There are different hurdles that different people must jump. Some of us stumble early, others later on. I am sure there is no one in existence who will never experience running into a wall. A true wall made of limestone not of concrete, built from layers of sediment and lots of pressure over time. Maybe granite smelted out of lava and mixed with certain mineral ingredients. We jump and fall short, stare into the gaping ravine that stretches out before us. We think what to do and truly what can one do?


every step you take is literally a leap of faith

nothing is exact science, not even exact science

my most precious posesssions are in a quantum state


"what do you want to do after college?"
"ideally, dismantle the power structure of current society"

Omg soo much this haha

Anything can be an insult if it is said like it is.

I’ve got to remember this.

I simply cannot do all nighters.

I should sleep. Then wake up in the early hours.

The first step to drawing is that you need to learn to think in shapes.

Dear someone,
We are caught in the bystander effect
Like the weather forecast
Depressions pass over
On the news
We shake them from our shoulders
Wipe the pressure from the top of our heads
Rain has become guided by the nebulous
The distant distance shortens
The close-by lengthens but
Crashes and burning
Spur us into action only
When barely missing our beds
We are the careless, helpless, ignorant
Caught in a labyrinthine web
Yours to judge always,
Or criticise

being scared is no excuse

running away solves nothing

What’s with this ‘African American’ label? You guys, what a great way to reinforce a default. Srsly start using ‘European American’ too then. You should be using that.

After life

It would be comforting to think that you, everything will be preserved somehow.
But really, what are the chances of that?
Then again, what are the chances of planet earth and humanity and you.

(Maybe it was all inevitable)

I remember ripping through a book so that I felt raw. Raw from the constant sucking pull of its pages, the complete displacement for hours so that I did not remember my body.

That is what truly good original whole works do, I suppose. (More easily to a young, less discerning mind?)